Why work at Runa?

How often do you get an opportunity where success is limited only by your ability to execute?

The roadmap:
 We’re only getting started! The sales lifts we’ve seen so far are only from our initial, entry-level product. We’ve got some incredible features in the pipeline… Think of all the neat things amazon.com does that we can apply to small/medium/large online merchants. And since we’re a software-as-a-service, think of the possibilities of cross-merchant promotions… Think of applying this at a global level (we’re already running pilots with clients in Japan, India, and Thailand). The technology and business challenges are exhilarating… only dwarfed by the potential rewards.Empowerment: Runa is an extremely flat organization. We’re also technology agnostic – and bold. The majority of the codebase is in Clojure, and the remaining (mostly web-related) is in Ruby/Rails. We use whatever technology seems right – for instance, we’re currently using HBase, Redis, and RabbitMQ for pieces of our infrastructure. Everything is coordinated with Chef, and we’re hosted on EC2. If something else seems suitable, we’ll consider it… nothing is sacred, and we’re open to ideas.The driving spirit behind this philosophy is that we’d like to keep the team as small as possible, while leveraging the best brains and the best tools.

Team: Runa was founded by a serial entrepreneur with several (large) successes under his belt. The sales/marketing has experienced folks that have been bringing on merchants at a steep ramp. And the technology team is filled with accomplished engineers: the service so far has been built by a team of just 3 developers. We’ve released several projects as open-source, and are quite active in the community – read here for more.

Culture: The environment is laid-back and energetic at the same time. We work hard, but also have a lot of fun… We ensure a healthy work-life balance for everyone, and only focus on results. Everyone uses macs; everyone sits together in an open office; developers get a Mac Pro with a 30″ screen, and a 17″ Macbook Pro. Aeron chairs. Lunch is brought in. There’s an espresso machine in the office. Drinks and snacks are always in the fridge. And you can get whatever else you need to get things done!

Compensation: We’re well-funded, and the war-chest is in good shape. Runa pays well… both monetarily as well as with stock-options. We’re early-stage, so it’s an excellent time to join.

Our location: We’re based in Mountain View, CA. We will provide relocation assistance.

Destiny: Runa is one of the best opportunities in Silicon Valley right now… we have a solid business model that has already been de-risked, an initial version of the product that is already generating revenue, and significant demand in the marketplace. If we’re as successful as everyone is hoping, this will be quite the ride. It isn’t often that things align so much that the only thing that can screw you up is in your own hands. Which also means that the only thing keeping you from immeasurable success, is execution.

Join Runa, and make it happen.