More goings on at Runa

Here are some of things we’re doing with the code and the community…
Here are a few things we’ve released to the open-source community…
swarmiji – framework for distributed computing with Clojure
aleph – asynchronous communication for Clojure
lamina – event-driven workflows for Clojure
medusa – supervised thread-pool for Clojure
capjure – HBase datamapper for Clojure
mql – A Clojure map query language
webbing – simple web-service library for Clojure
humpty-dumpty – redis datamapper for Clojure
remember – Amazon S3 library for Clojure
conjure – mocking and stubbing library for Clojure
frumios – a silly Object Oriented library for Clojure
debug-repl – Clojure REPL that’s aware of its lexical bindings
difform – visually diff Clojure forms
clojure debugging toolkit – wrapper of the Java Debug interface
HBase migrations – rails-like migrations for HBase

Clojure in Action – based on a lot of the learnings from Runa.

The Bay Area Clojure User Group
The Bay Area Chef User Group
The Bay Area Lean Software Development Group