System Engineering at Runa

At Runa, we’ve erased the line between infrastructure engineering and application engineering.

The Runa SaaS for online merchants is implemented from a smorgasbord of state of the art technologies, with lots of moving parts. All these parts have to rapidly evolve, work together, and scale. The only way to do this without going insane is to have all the infrastructure created, monitored, and maintained programatically. And to do that, we need system engineers.

We’re looking for folks who can wrangle a variety of technologies including EC2 instances, bare metal, HBase/Hadoop clusters, RabbitMQ, Redis, Rails stacks, JVM swarms using Opscode Chef and other tools of the trade to lasso it all together. The position calls for someone who is experienced in these realms, not someone just starting out. We want someone who has built out large, complex systems. We want someone who can have these systems hum along while they grew in harmony with business goals and demands.

Some specific things we are looking for is someone who:

• Is proud of at least one major project deployed with Opscode Chef & AWS/EC2
• Can bring up large clusters from bare metal using automation in your sleep
• Dreams in Ruby
• In love with some NoSQL horizontally scalable datastore (ideally HBase)
• Has intimate familiarity with deploying and running deep network, server and servicemonitoring (like Nagios, collectd, Cacti, Ganglia, Graphite, Reconnoiter, etc)
• Eats Nginx and/or Apache configs for lunch
• Can relate well with business needs, demands and constraints